Kitchen Design Ideas for 2014

Kitchen Design Ideas for 2014 – Kitchen Innovations for Improving your New Generation Home. In our ever-changing world of high innovation and demand for homes that reflect gorgeous detailing and quality, your kitchen is the number one room where you love to see gorgeous technology.

How Science, Art & Technology Together Create the Kitchen of the Future. The kitchen of the future is a perfect mix of science, art and technology. Future kitchens will be healthier and more efficient.

Future kitchen technologies will include handprint scanners that will act like personal nutritionists, that will share important information such as body fat ration, heart rate and cholesterol levels. Holographic projections will offer more varied forms of socializing – holograms will replace cookbooks. Sensor controls will determine who is using the kitchen and how.

2014 kitchen counters

It will detect if kids are doing homework or if someone is cooking. Multi-purpose living walls will be standard allowing us to grow our own produce inside the home, bettering our own nutritional intake. Steam cooking, it is believed, will be the way of the future.

The future kitchen counter will also become a steamer. Attractively laid out holes will allow for food to be steamed simply by placing a plate over the steaming perforations. The rising steam will then cook the food. These counters will also be equipped with automatic steam controls. These will switch off automatically when a desired temperature is reached. Built-in extractors will then collect the unused steam, transform it to a liquid state, and allow for it to be used to water plants or for general water use.

Much of the importance of this room seems to depend on the size of the kitchen, the family, and on lifestyle. In older homes, kitchens were smaller, separated and removed from the rest of the home. It was a contained space used almost exclusively for cooking that could be closed off to conceal the mess. Family and friends would eat and congregate in the dining and living rooms that were situated nearby. In older homes more importance was given to the dining and living rooms. Kitchens were utilitarian and that was about it.

In medium sized and larger homes, these rooms were often large enough to house a table large enough to seat a family for breakfast, a snack or a light meal, with the important meals still meant to be served in the dining room where the family congregated at the end of the day. The family meal had much more importance and significance in past generations than it does now – much of this, again, due to busier lifestyles of modern times.

Today the importance of a good sized, productive kitchen is vastly important. It is, according to many, the most important room of the house. In the eyes of realtors it certainly is. A house’s resale depends greatly on its kitchen. Its location and functionality are key. Older kitchens must be made to look newer, more streamlined and more modern. For resale purposes, it is not unheard of for sellers to bring in new accessories, paint and appliances are brought in to help the sale.

Many buyers, when considering an older home with a smaller kitchen, immediately look into renovation possibilities that may include a remodel, expansion, or blowing out a wall to create a more open feel. As our lives become more casual, our homes are as well and the walls are literally coming down all around us. readers it’s all up to you, how will you design your kitchen with these innovative ideas?